Jun 5, 2022 | Explanatory

The Theologue has been dormant for the past year and a half, perhaps longer. Part of the fault lies with my messing around in the backroom and locking myself out. After many attempts to regain access I gave up and went on to other things. Then I came down with the COVID-19 virus and, even though I survived the ordeal I then became afflicted with what is now called long Covid. Extreme fatigue and shortness of breath were my constant companions (and still are, but not to the same degree) along with significant memory loss. Providence has also been my constant companion and by God’s grace and mercy, I am recovering.

During the time The Theologue lay dormant, the Lord has been convicting me to get this blog rolling again. Also, during this time, the WordPress mechanics have changed. I have returned to a program that is totally unfamiliar and, as a result, I will have to give diligence to learning how to master it. I hope my readers will be understanding if — or should I say, “When”? — I make mistakes.

God has given me a renewed burden that will be the driving force behind this revived blog. Hitherto, I had written about theological subjects and current events, yet having no particular focus. I will continue to do so with the addition of being focused on encouraging the readers to assess their lives and to bring them into submission to Holy Scripture, in which is revealed the will of God.

I am acutely aware of my own shortcomings and sinfulness. During my long absence from the blogosphere, I have had to deal with many of the issues I will be addressing here. I hope to present my views with humility, with tenderness, and with love.

There is a lot of talk among professing Christians about our being in the last days. If we are, then we must give heed to the Word, repent of all that we think and do contrary to true Christianity, and transform our hearts and minds so that we are not “ashamed before him at his coming.” That is the focus, the goal, of this blog. May God bless it to his glory and your continuing sanctification.


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 You shall worship the Lord your God
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“The more spiritual the worship by Christians, the less attractive it is to the flesh.”                                                                      — W.E. Best


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